ATMeye.iQ Packages

USB Package

  • ATMeye.iQ Software
  • HASP Licensing Key

Analog Package

  • ATMeye.iQ Software
  • HASP Licensing Key
  • Video capture card
  • Cables

Separately Ordered Items

  • USB or ANALOG camera
  • Sensors (shock, gas, temperature, tilt, other)
  • Antiskimming devices


The rental of the ATMeye.iQ solution
  • The possibility of using ATMeye.iQ with a fixed monthly fee
  • The integration and support of the server by BS/2 specialists
  • Automatic software updates of ATMeye.iQ and Mobile ATMeye.iQ

* Software, sensors, video capture cards and individual components are available as a service on the client’s request

Transfer to Online

The transfer from ATMeye.iQ offline to online version
  • ATMeye.iQ server installation and setup
  • Installation and setup of the latest versions of ATMeye Core and Terminal Agent
  • User access rights setup and configuration on ATMeye.iQ system
  • .iQ Client installation at operator workplaces


We offer software support
  • Technical equipment installation, support and maintenance
  • Spare parts replacement and maintenance
  • Software support
  • Software solutions and technical equipment maintenance
  • Software and technical equipment integration

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